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21 November 2006




I don't really understand your question (A question for Moms who refuse to let their children believe in fairytails: When your child asks where does a baby come from, will you tell them the truth?? As the truth that you are so ready to tell about Santa?).

I'm not a mother, but if I had kids, when they asked me where a baby (or they) came from, I would explain the science/biology to them in age-appropriate words.

Just to be clear, in my (jewish) religion, there is no Santa. That does not mean that all jews don't believe in magic. As kids, we are awed by magic tricks like pulling a quarter from someone's ear. Jewish kids can enjoy reading fairy tales just fine. I was perfectly capable of reading and enjoying my big book of Grimm's fairy tails that my parents gave me. Sure, I knew they were just stories, but that doesn't mean I didn't happily enjoy them.


No Santa around here. I compromise by letting my MIL say whatever she wants to nat but I don't back it up.
I dislike the whole Santa concept intensely.


I haven't decided what to do about Santa in my house. I remember as a child finding out he wasn't real and being extremely angry that my parents lied to me. My best friend and I vowed never to lie to our kids about Santa. I have mellowed from that since, but I'm still conflicted. I like magic and fantasy and giving, but... My biggest concern with Santa is that there are so many poor children in the world that do not get presents. Kids are told (by society if not their parents) that Santa gives presents to good kids. This sends the message that rich kids are good, and poor kids are bad. I just don't want my boy to get that idea.


Thanks for asking this question. I have enjoyed reading the comments. I have a 2 year old son, and have struggled with this too. My parents never did a hard sell on the Santa concept with me; I think my mother had a hard time "lying" to me about it so we never really directly discussed it. He's part of our country's culture so it's hard to ignore it. I got a stocking (still do!), and gifts from "Santa" (still do!), but we never left out cookies or reindeer food, etc. I always had fun wondering if he was real, but I never fully believed it like some of my friends did. Some were devastated to learn the truth. Like others who have commented, my mother emphasized the spirit of giving that Santa represents, and I'll probably go that route with my son. People are already asking him what Santa is bringing him! The other day at Costco on the toy aisle I heard a father admonishing his son to be good or Santa wouldn't bring him anything--I hate to hear things like that.


Fascinating discussion.

Having seen my four year old daughter with Santa for the first time this year, I lean toward the magic.

And she even brought Santa a gift cuz she's sweet like that.


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