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28 July 2006



Oh my god you ROCK.

Love the tank top.


You are my hero!


oh yes, my husband is happy to see this side of you. he says hi. and nice pump.


love it, well said.


hot! i, like bmc's husband, appreciate the pic :)

oh, and good for you! you rock.


My playgroup moms and I are just discussing the current Babytalk magazine cover, which features a cute baby drinking from a large breast. Evidently there's been a HUGE response to the magazine for useing the picture. I don't understand how people can overlook all the boobies everywhere in our sex-sells culture, and then get hung up on one doing a functional job. Make 'em work! :)


BRAVO! And ditto on the tank top, you have to love the new nursing wear, no more ugly floral prints for this breastfeeding mama. Really, good for you for putting your boobs to work.

Amanda/Mayhem Mama

You're awesome! :)




Marry me.


You rock, girl.


pumping and storing???... i see that your homestudy is complete, does this mean that we are closer to the adoption?!!!!

you are fabulous, woman!


You absolutely rock! I couldn't believe the backlash from that cover. Can women/mothers/nursing women actually be that closed minded??


Love it!




Will you be my online girlfriend?



You go girl!


I just love you.


Right on!




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