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02 October 2006



M has a grey tooth. I took her to a pediatric dentist who said as long as there is no sign of infection (blisters on the gums, puss, etd) there is nothing to be done. M's tooth will always be slightly discolored until her new teeth come in. You may want to see a dentist though, because if there is an infection it can damage the adult teeth forming in the gums, then they'll be effed up too. Just be glad she didn't knock it completely out. They dont' give false teeth to toddlers.


My 4 year old has 2 grey front top teeth. They "died" last January when his teeth were hit by a see-saw while playing with daddy. The dentist did an x-ray and said that the roots were affected. That happened in Brazil and 2 dentists there told me that he'd have to have a root canal done. The pediatrician here said that they probably don't do this here in the U.S.

I don't think the grey teeth are problematic -- what may happen is that when the tooth fall and a new tooth wants to come in, the tissue under the "dead" tooth may have died and hardened, so the child may need to go to a dentist to do a small cut so the new tooth can come down.

Hope this helps!


(I should have read the first comment before posting. Yep, she's perfectly right... they told me all that in Brazil. they generally do the root canal, though to prevent the complications that *might* arise).


My older daughter had a tooth that died and we had it pulled. It had an inffection and the pediatric denist said we could have it pulled or have a root canal. It didn't seem totally out of place for her to not have a tooth up there. In fact I have a friend whose son had to have both of his front teeth removed because he fell in the tub and his teeth were pushed back into his gums. This happened when he was 1 1/2 and he is four. I barely notice he doesn't have his front teeth. It'ss be okay mama!


I'm late to comment on this, but I fell when I was young (maybe 3 or 4) and pushed my two front teeth in. My mother called the dentist, who said to wiggle them a little each day (yikes!) until they were back in place. The permanent teeth buds were not damaged and I didn't have to have the baby teeth removed, but they did turn gray. Just one of those things! I'll be surprised if the same doesn't happen to my active 2 year old!


My almost 4 year old daughter fell and hit her mouth pretty hard. In just two weeks one of her top teeth turned grey and her dentist didn't even think twice about removing. I brought her in the very next day and he took it out. The tooth fairy visited and everything is fine, her adult tooth will come in... in time.


My 3 year old fell and knocked her two front teeth. Although they were bleeding at the time she didn't complain of any pain the next day. Never gave much more thought about her teeth until about 2 weeks later when I noticed that 1 had turned grey. Rang dentist who said it would probably get darker and to watch for a sore on the gum. Wasn't too happy with prognosis yet never took her to dentist and checked the tooth from time to time. To my surprise and delight approx 8 weeks after the initial fall tooth returned to white. My advice is not to have a grey tooth pulled until you have given it a chance to heal. It does happen.


recetnly i have had my braces of and i have noticed i have a grey front tooth! does this mean it is dead? its not totally grey just a little bit but am realy worried!


ok so I fell three weeks ago, and today when i was brushing my teeth i saw that my front left adult tooth was grey. it doesn't hurt, and it doesn't have an infection. What does it mean? I don't want it to be pulled out. =P (I do not want to look like that)


Hi, I fell down when I was abt 6 yrs old and both my front teeth broke into crooked half. I am 17 yrs old now and for the past few year(can't remember how long) my upper right front tooth turned grey & now I decided if there can be anything done like extraction of the tooth and fix a new one??? I just want a natural looking white tooth..


My 2 year old jumped out of his crib about a week ago and his mouth was bleeding pretty bad and of course I freaked out! After comforting him and getting the bleeding to stop he woldn't let me look at his mouth because he had a fat lip and I wasn't trying to put him threw anymore. The next day I called Detist and they told me not to worry unless I saw bumps on his gum or the tooth darkened. Well now it has and were taking him in next week. Would anyone reccommend a certain type of Dentist? I love my Dentist but I just don't know if he should go to a specialist? Thanks...Concerned mom!


my daughter fell and hit her front tooth when she was 2. when she was 8 and her permanent tooon came in it did not have enamel on the bottom part of the tooth. i have always taken her to dentist every six months and he did not recommend anything for tooth. now she is 13 we have to have bonding put on so you cant see enamelless tooth. have a root canal on the tooth if you can!!!!!!!!


My 2 yr old son fell 2 weeks ago when my husband came home from work running to greet his dad on my kitchen floor. Bonked his 2 front teeth and started to bleed a little bit. He never complained about pain or anything else. 2 weeks later his front teeth started to turn grey and a little purple. I took him to the dentist and they put him on an antibiotic to kill any infection from bleeding in the tooth. He said some bleeding could cause the tooth to die in itself due to infection. Started the medicine and will take him in once a month for three months for x-rays. Hopefully his tooth doesn't die. So take them in A.S.A.P.


My son had his cavities filled on 2 of his front teeth when he was 3.5 yrs old. He turned 4 in July. Recently we noticed a blister on the gums of one of his front tooth that had the filling. And then the second blister appeared on the other tooth. When we took him to our dentist, he shocked us by saying the teeth might be dead!!! I am soo worried that my son has to live without his 2 front teeth for 2.5 yrs. Please give some advice on this situation.


my four year old daughter was eating an apple and her front tooth broke off. her school gave her two flouride treatments in two months without letting me know ahead of time. she also had another treatment at the dentist, this was all in a three month period. i'm not sure why her tooth was loose and broke. can the dentist fix her tooth?


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teeth whitening

I have the same problem brushing my teeth and I don't have a complete solution.

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How you see it now it hasn't a big deal the teeth are fine and believable those things happed very often.


My 21 month old daughter fell and hit her 2 top front teeth pretty hard. Lots of bleeding and they were very loose. Took her right to the dentist who sugggested that they be pulled because both teeth were seperated from the root. When along with the dentist, but now, after reading so many parents didn't do anything and everything came out fine, I am second guessing my decision. Be honest, did I do the right thing?


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When along with the dentist, but now, after reading so many parents didn't do anything and everything came out fine, I am second guessing my decision. Be honest, did I do the right thing?

crystal loves a white smile

My teeth don't have a problem other than they are not as white as I would like them to be. There are so many options out there. Everyone's teeth are different in natural color. You have to search to get the right product for you.


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