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  • ...and the rest is history
    currently working on adopting
  • American Family
    china adoption adventures
  • Avonlea
    Having given up on infertility, I find that I am now an expectant adopting mom. I'm just starting my journey. I understand that one step after another will get you any where you want to go, as long as you continue to persist.
  • Boomerific
  • Chookooloonks
    family through domestic adoption – now living in Trinidad!
  • Chronicles of Mommyhood
    domestic adoptive family
  • Do they have salsa in China?
    getting schooled in international adoption
  • Exploring Adoption
    All kinds of adoption information
  • Figlet
    A Brazen Hussy in Brooklyn becomes the woman her mother warned her about. Adopting from China.
  • Fuller-Brantner
    gay dads – don’t you just love them?
  • Incarcerated Uterus
  • Inward Musings
    musings of an infertile women trying to make it through the craziness of Guatemala adoption, family crisis, and life in general.
  • Life in Barren County
    reflections on infertility, adoption, and waiting....and waiting...and waiting...(Adopting domestically)
  • Lost and Finding
    sifting through all the junk, I know I can find me in here somewhere... Oh, and maybe a baby while I'm at it. (Adopting from Kazakhstan)
  • Mamamarta
    julie and i have been a couple since 1987. our daughter trixie was born to julie in 1997, and our son micah was placed with us for adoption in 2003. in between there was a bit of infertility drama and grief (on my part...). sometimes we succeed more, and sometimes less, at living simply in the heart of the city. we're also currently trying to decide whether to adopt a third child.
  • Mayhem and Magic
    Transracial adoptive family with two boys, one adopted from South Africa and one domestically.
  • MomSquared
  • Peter’s Cross Station
    lesbian mamas through domestic adoption
  • Round is funny
    adventures in queer transracial adoptive parenting and other mundane things.
  • Seaweed is Yummy
    lesbians adopting a baby
  • Shelba
    brand new mama through adoption from China
  • Tales from the Stirrups
    a tale of that wacky world of infertility that has now spiraled into the fascinating world of adoption.
  • The Naked Ovary
    infertile myrtle's adopting from China
  • Third Mom
  • This Woman's Work
    writing, mothering, and writing about mothering
  • Torrefaction
    change... the hard way
  • Viva La Colombia
    Working on a second adoption from Colombia
  • Waitress Dreams

First Parents

  • Paragraphein
    Me in a nutshell: age 26; bipolar; a mommy, a natural mother, a wife, a cigarette-smoker; quiet, shy, moody; passionate about the sun, summertime, Lolita, adoption reform, painting, movies, and chocolate
  • Cookie Speaks
    Adoption has affected my life in so many ways. I hope to share what I have learned about many aspects of adoption including search and reunion.
  • The Chronicles of Munchkin Land
    The LifeStory of a Munchkin and Other Stories
  • Dance with Magicpointeshoes
    This is the blog of a birthmother who then married the birthfather of the boy they placed into a semi-closed adoption.
  • Musings of the Lame
  • Not Mother
    a birthmother's tales
  • Adoption Evolution
    Adoptee who also placed a child for adoption
  • kim kim's reunion writings
    adoption reunion journal which covers early reunion experience and present day issues.
  • Wet Feet
    Mom, birthmom, wife, knitter, cat lover, city dweller, wannabe runner, voracious reader, low carb dieter...
  • I Say C'est La Vie
    I'm 21, and pregnant. I'm putting the baby up for adoption. While I recognize and respect how amazing this all is, I really can't wait for this to be over.
  • Birthmother; Reprise
    thoughts on unplanned pregnancies and open adoption
  • Coffee and Cigarettes
    randomness, nothingness, and thoughts regarding her journey through adoption as a birthmother. as well as a host of other things.

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  • A La Carter
    babe in Portland
  • A Little Pregnant
    madcap misadventures in infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood
  • Benign Neglect
    A blog of benign neglect
  • Bite My Cookie
    Fabulous amateur baker (and mama I know and love in real life)
  • Childbearing Hipster
    yet another mama I love in real life and online
  • CityMama
    hip mama I adore in real life and online
  • Crunchy Granola
    chronicles from the heartland, where our two academic mom, one daughter family crunches its way through life's adventures
  • DoctorMama
    I'm a cranky, burned-out mother/ physician/ wife/ educator/ liberal with a test-tube toddler named HellBoy or AngelBaby, depending; a TrophyHusband; and two cats, BadCat and GoodCat. I enjoy coffee, vodka, beer, tequila, and running.
  • Dromedary in Traction
    My story of self discovery and healing, as I leave behind an abusive marriage and childhood, reenter the world of single parenting, and hopefully learn from my mistakes!
  • Mama(e) in Translation
    A mother (mamãe) of two boys (4 and 2) between two languages (Portuguese and English), two countries (Brazil and the U.S.), two "worlds" (academic/ home-front). A foreign student (ABD right now) married to a postdoc (who also used to be a foreign student).
  • Mamaloo
    first-time mama I love in real life and online
  • Me vs. Rut
    and the rut has a mean left hook
  • So Close
    finally arrived
  • StarryCharley
    yet another mama I love in real life and online


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02 October 2006



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